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Performance Marketing – What is it?

Traditionally, marketing has lacked one key thing – the ability to accurately attribute the amount of business generated by different campaigns & channels. For example, sales might go up when you run a radio ad, but is it because of the radio ad that they increased, or for other reasons?

And without being able to attribute accurately, how can you efficiently allocate your budget for maximum results?

Thankfully, with the coming of digital marketing options such as Google Ads, LinkedIn paid ads, email marketing and search engine optimisation, this all changed.

Assuming that your website and campaigns are correctly configured to allow for this to be tracked effectively, it is now possible to know with precision that £2,000 spent on Facebook generated £4,000 return, £5,000 spent on Google Ads generated £20,000 return, and the £3,000 a month invested in Search Engine Optimisation is contributing £15,000 a month to your overall revenue. (If you are a B2B or lead generation business, just substitute “leads per month” in place of revenue – these can be tracked just as effectively).

With this information, you can then adjust your marketing mix to ensure that your money is being spent where it is going to generate you the most return.

Which Performance Marketing channels are right for me?
This depends on the nature of your business sector, the stage of the business life cycle that your business is in, and your current goals.

In honesty, we haven’t yet met a business for whom Google and Microsoft search ads doesn’t work – this is typically the highest converting channel behind sending emails to people who are already your customers (which is another thing that you really ought to be doing).

Similarly, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that, although it doesn’t bring the same kind of immediate results as search ads, should be part of any business’ digital strategy due to the fact that in the long run, there are few channels that can deliver customers as cost-effectively.

When it comes to social media, it’s a bit more sector dependent – most B2B companies would benefit from LinkedIn, but not so much Facebook. Direct to consumer brands are the opposite.

This is why we put together our Total Performance Marketing package – it covers off all of the relevant basics AND allows for budget to be freely allocated across channels to maximise the return to you over time.

Arrange a short discovery call with one of our team, and we can work out a plan that is best for the needs of you and your business.

Drive business growth and increase conversions through our expert and personalized performance marketing strategies

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