Microsoft Ads (Bing) PPC Management

Microsoft Ads (Bing) management agency, with a Microsoft ads specific focus taking advantage of the unique potential of this platform, instead of simply importing Google Ads.

Introduction to Microsoft Advertising

Among the major trio, Microsoft was the last to introduce its paid search ad platform, Microsoft Advertising, which was initially launched in 2006 as Microsoft AdCenter. Despite trailing in market share and offerings for over a decade, Microsoft Advertising has undergone significant investment and improvements. These enhancements span the Microsoft Advertising search engine and its ad platform, bringing it on par with Google Ads in most aspects. Notably, it holds an advantage for B2B brands by offering the capability to target LinkedIn.

Advantages of Microsoft Advertising and Why You Should Use It 

Microsoft Advertising provides businesses the avenue to advertise across the Microsoft Advertising Network, which encompasses platforms like DuckDuckGo, the Wall Street Journal, Gumtree, and more. Similar to Google, Microsoft Advertising operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where you’re charged only when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

What might surprise some is that duplicating a campaign directly from Google Ads onto Microsoft Advertising often yields the same or even improved return on investment (ROI), albeit at a lower volume (approximately 10%). Noteworthy is Microsoft Advertising’s greater market share in the UK and certain other countries, which makes it a crucial consideration for any global paid strategy.

Similar to Google Ads, if the keywords selected for a campaign on Microsoft Advertising align with a user’s search, your ad can appear alongside or above the search results. This level of visibility, which can be easier to attain through paid search compared to organic methods, expands your campaign’s reach and potentially boosts the conversion rate. Moreover, visibility on Microsoft’s partner websites further amplifies brand exposure. For B2B brands, there’s an added advantage of targeting Microsoft’s 2018 acquisition: LinkedIn.

Microsoft Advertising for Your Business And What We Can Offer? 

Reaching Your Ideal Audience

Our approach drives targeted traffic to your platform, connecting you with potential customers precisely when they’re actively seeking your offerings. Our focus is on fostering enduring and profitable relationships, going beyond one-time transactions.

Elevated Lead Generation

We discover the potential of closely monitored leads, injecting unmatched momentum into your traffic and propelling your conversion possibilities to new heights.

Insightful Performance Reports

Through collaborative efforts, we define your objectives and long-term strategies. Our experts then craft reports of utmost significance, steering your digital success forward.

Enhancing Conversions

With precise research, thorough analysis, and continuous refinements, our experts are committed to elevating conversion rates, boosting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and driving sales to unprecedented levels.

Strategizing Keyword Effectiveness

Gain invaluable insights into your best-performing keywords, enabling more effective allocation of resources.