GA4 Migration & Configuration

GA4 Migration & Configuration

Time is ticking – do you have a plan in place?

Time’s up!

Why do you need it?

This service will make sure that when Universal Analytics stops capturing data on June 30th, you are able to continue to see who is visiting your website, and more importantly, who is completing the valuable lead generation or ecommerce purchase actions on your website.

What is included?

As part of this package we will:

  • ensure that visitor data is being correctly captured in Google Analytics 4
  • set up any conversions needed to track contact forms, chat bot enquiries, newsletter sign ups, purchases etc.
  • copy over (or configure if you don’t currently have them) up to 5 diffferent user audiences for use in report segmenting or remarketing campaigns
  • link your new GA4 profile to your Google Ads account if you have one
  • pull through conversions & audiences from Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads so that your campaigns can continue performing from July 1st
  • 2 weeks after migration, we will check in and carry out a data integrity check to ensure that data in GA4 matches that in Universal Analytics. If it does not, we will resolve any issues at no extra cost

How do I get it?

Simply make payment using the button below – using either a credit/debit card or your PayPal account – and we will be in touch by email with the next steps for arranging the access we need to complete the work.

Migrations are typically completed within one week of receiving the necessary access.


£600+VAT Now only £350+VAT