Data Analysis & Visualisation

Custom dashboards, data segmentation, and online business performance analysis, consultation & configuration. Track what matters & understand what is happening with simple data visualization.

How Our Services Can Optimise Your Marketing Strategy 

Harnessing the power of precise data tracking and smart analytics is the key to success in the changing world of digital marketing. We specialise in offering solutions that improve your marketing strategy as your dedicated digital marketing agency. Discover how our expertise in e-commerce tracking and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reporting can empower your business and drive remarkable results.

Precision Ecommerce Tracking

Understanding your audience and their behaviour is key to effective e-commerce tracking. Our team of professionals focus on implementing e-commerce tracking tools that offer a complete picture of user interactions, conversion funnels, and total customer engagement. It can also provide insights into product performance, enabling you to optimise marketing strategies and enhance user experiences.

Navigating Google Analytics 4: Your Path to Actionable Insights

For data-driven decision-making, understanding Google Analytics’ intricacies is essential. Our dedicated team assists you to set up and use GA4 so you can maximise the potential of this powerful tool:

Strategic GA4 Setup: We carefully set up your GA4 property and account, guaranteeing reliable data collection from the very beginning.

Implementing Tracking Codes: Rely on us to expertly place tracking codes on your digital assets, this allows us to capture essential data from users.

Personalised Reports and Insights: By using our tailored views and applied filters, you’ll have access to the most relevant data, enabling you to make informed marketing choices.

Goal-Oriented Event Tracking: We work with you to establish and improve goals and events that perfectly complement your company’s aims.

Unlocking the Power of GA4 Reporting: Seamlessly Transition and Gain Deeper Insights

With its user-centric reporting, GA4 is the analytics platform of the future. Discover how GA4 reporting revolutionises your analytics experience:

Easy Migration to GA4: Count on us to make the transfer from your current analytics property to the features of GA4 as smoothly as possible while avoiding complications.

Strategic Event Tracking: With our help, you’ll understand event tracking’s capabilities and be able to gain deeper insights into user interactions.

Holistic User-Centric Reports: GA4’s user-centric reports offer a thorough perspective of user journeys, providing you with the information you need to improve your marketing tactics.

Seamless Platform Integration: Integrate GA4 with other platforms without difficulty, increasing your cross-channel data exposure.

Effective Data Stream Management: We effectively manage data streams, optimising data collection across numerous platforms for an in-depth view.

Consistency in Data Naming: Our careful attention to data naming conventions prevents disruptions caused by inconsistent labelling.

Data-Driven Dashboards

Data visualisation is an art, and we are experts at producing dynamic dashboards that highlight useful insights:

Engaging Data Studio Dashboards: Our professionals create interactive dashboards that bring your GA4 findings to life using Google Data Studio.

Comprehensive Data Box Dashboards: Using Data Box, we combine data from many sources to provide you a thorough understanding of your marketing landscape

Benefits of Data Visualization

Gain the advantage of centralised reporting through customised dashboards that empower data-driven strategies. Partnering with an agency that offers data visualisation services brings a host of advantages to your business, including:

Transparency: Get a comprehensive view of all the operations happening behind the scenes and closely track the progress of performance.

Precision in Data-Driven Choices: Utilise actionable insights and data-informed decisions to steer your ongoing strategy and witness tangible results for your business.

Increase Company Engagement: Involve your entire team in your strategy, presenting results in a visually appealing format that’s shareable and easily understood by everyone.

Customised and Adaptable: Tailor your data experience with fully branded dashboards and personalised choices that align perfectly with your preferences. Showcase your selected key metrics in a manner that resonates with your brand identity.

Streamlined Reporting from Multiple Sources: Centralise your reporting from various sources, simplifying the process so that you only need to refer to one source for all your information.

Our thorough approach to ecommerce tracking and GA4 reporting demonstrates our dedication to your success. With our assistance, you’ll harness the power of precise data, insightful analytics, and impactful reporting to improve your marketing strategies and achieve outstanding results. 

Arrange a short discovery call with one of our team, and we can work out a plan that is best for the needs of you and your business.